Thursday, September 23, 2010

Importance Of The “Kangaroo Care Method” For Newborns

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Many of us have probably heard about the miraculous story of Kate Ogg and her baby in Australia, who witnessed a miracle that saw a newborn baby come back to life 2 hours after being declared dead by use of the

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How To Start Looking For A Day Care Center?

Much as some of us would prefer it, it may not be possible to stay at home with the baby so that the question of selecting the right day care center for your child has to be faced. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

Ask around and research al your possibilities

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Childproofing Your Home Office

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Child proofing or baby proofing your home is primarily for the safety of your baby but it can also help to prevent damage and accidents being caused to your home appliances (think fridge left open for hours and the spoilage that can result, for instance).

When should you start teaching your baby sign language?

The short answer is:  whenever you want.  The truth is, it is never too early, and it is never too late.  (Okay, well, if you are signing to your son while you are chaperoning his prom, that might be a little weird, but in general, it’s never too late!)
Many moms want to get a head start, and while a newborn won’t necessarily know what you are doing, it still doesn’t hurt.  It might even help your baby’s brain develop, and it sure gives mom the practice.
So here’s the long answer:  Most experts recommend starting to teach your baby to sign when she is six months old.  But as you know, each baby is his own creature, and each baby responds differently.  Some babies start signing at four months old, and some (like my son) show no interest at all until their first birthday, when they want more cake.
But six months is a good rule of thumb.  If you want to start earlier than that, then bravo!  Just don’t have unrealistic expectations about the results you will see!
Here are some signs that may (or may not) be helpful in determining if your baby is ready to start signing:
Does your baby look at your face when you talk to him?Does your baby seem curious about the world around her?Does your baby point to things he wants?Does your baby already make her own gestures, such as waving goodbye?Does your baby imitate things that you do?Can your baby pick up small objects with his thumb and finger?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Job Ideas For Moms

Most women leave their work to take care of their children. Some may intend to stay at home for a short time, while others know from the beginning that they will not be returning to their previous career. Either way, mothers may want to continue contributing to the family’s finances, while still being able to be with their children. With a little creativity and computer skills, working from home will be not only possible, but also rewarding.
Ways to work from home are as wide and varied as any other form of making money outside of the home.
Direct sales: There are a lot of direct sales companies which have wine, cosmetics and just about everything that you can imagine, so why not try your hand at direct sales. With direct sales, you can set your own hours, name your own income, and work as much or as little as necessary.
Handmade items: If you have a skill or craft, you can earn money selling items at local fairs or online.You can use a website to market your products.
Virtual assistant: One of the best job ideas for stay at home moms is being a virtual assistant. In other words you do somebody’s administrative tasks online. This could involve writing articles, placing advertisements, posting to blogs or just about any task that can be carried out over the internet.
Typing jobs: If you have keyboard skills, then you can easily type at home. Contact local offices and ask if they have any jobs you can do for them. You can pick up the work when you’ve dropped the kids at school and take it back when you go to collect them.
Pet Services: There’s a growing demand for pet services – everything from pet sitting while owners are on vacation to doggy day care, pet grooming, dog walking and other pet-related services.
Blogging: You can generate a pretty enough amount of money from your blog.Large companies such as Google, Amazon, eBay, and more offer money to bloggers who add their ads on their blogs. If you would rather not place ads up on your blog you can join one of the many sites available now that pay you for writing advertisements on your blog.
Translations: Do you speak a second language, or two or three? There are many companies that need to translate their information for potential clients. If you are fluent in more than one language this may be the perfect job for you.
For more ideas visit
Think of working from home as an opportunity to try something new, to explore interests, and to cultivate skills. With a solid plan and realistic expectations, a part time work at home job can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Building an income from independent and freelance work does take time and patience, but the financial reward does come.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Save on Baby Clothing: Hints and Tips

Baby clothes are really expensive, and because your child grows so fast in the first couple of years, these clothes are going to have a very short life. To maximize the wear we need to look at how we take care of them, how we can get wear from them, for longer and how we might save money, if we buy the right things initially.
BuyingThe first thing to remember when buying children’s clothing is, they must be comfortable to wear, easy to put on and above all else, washable, as the baby clothing from clothes with elasticated waistbands and trousers or skirts with shoulder straps. This makes letting down or adjusting easier.Buy socks without shaped heels they can then grow with your child. Try to stick to one or two colors and brands this way you will always have a replacement if you lose one.Put extra buttons on dungaree, skirt or dress straps. This way you can lengthen them as your child grows.Always try to buy natural fibres, rather than man made .The man made fibres don’t breathe as well as natural fibres and this can cause your child to get too hot, especially in summer.Maximizing WearSleep suit getting too short? For comfort cut off the feet and you will get another month’s wear, at least.Add another tier to a tiered skirt, by using identical or contrasting material.Trousers or jeans that have become too short, or worn at the knees can be cut down and made into shorts for the summer.Make summer pajamas by cutting off the arms and legs of a pair of winter pajamas.Don’t throw away an expensive jacket if your child has out grown it remove the sleeves and turn it into a smart waistcoat for your child.When you’ve let down a pair of jeans or dungarees, you can normally see a white line where the fabric has been creased. Make it less noticeable by blending it into the fabric by running a dark blue crayon along the line. A fountain pen or indelible marker also works.CareOne tip that seems obvious but is often ignored: the manufacturers washing instructions that you will find in the garment labels. Manufacturers of fabric spend vast amounts of money to find out what are the best washing conditions for their goods. So always try and wash as instructed, it does help clothes last longer.Use a fabric protector to spray collars, cuffs and knees of garments, any spills will form into beads and can be easily wiped clean.Get grimy soiled socks clean by soaking them in a water and washing soda solution before washing.White cotton socks can be revitalized by boiling them in water with a slice of lemon.Instead of bleach add vinegar to the water as an alternative.Sneakers can be kept looking new by spraying them with starch before wearing them for the first time , this will stop dirt from getting embedded.A soap filled scouring pad is great for sneakers or any fabric shoes.Rub white shoes with a raw potato cut in half, or alcohol, before cleaning. Keep them white by spraying with hairspray. This prevents the polish from coming off and keeps them looking new.

Sign Language for Hearing Babies

We just took a sign language class for our baby and it was very informative. We decided not to enroll in the entire class for a few reasons, but that’s not to say that sign language can’t be a great tool for your hearing baby. Teaching your baby the key fundamental signs for such things as “Want More” which is tapping your hands together, can help your baby sign to you that they want more milk. Reading your babies signs can be a difficult process so knowing when your baby wants more milk can be a very helpful and powerful piece of sign language for your baby to learn.
However, learning the entire alphabet or knowing how to say certain animals in sign language is something that we don’t feel is entirely necessary for a hearing baby. Stick to the basics at first and see how that goes and you will find sign language very enjoyable for you and your baby